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CIT Articles: 

The Bullis Boosters Summer Bridge Camp (BBSCB) will be offering a Service Learning Leadership experience for motivated rising 9th -11th graders interested in working with our 2-6th grade campers. It will be an opportunity for teens to step away from technology and school pressures to grow together as a community and be encouraged to take action.

We are offering a skill-based CIT (Counselor-in-Training) program that will provide a hands-on, experiential, and authentic Service Learning experience.

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a combination of meaningful service, academic learning and personal reflection designed to help teens develop leadership skills, empathy and social awareness. While volunteerism is a component of the service learning model, service-learning emphasizes personal growth and skills development while also addressing real-life needs in the community.

Program Objectives

The CIT program’s primary objective is to help teen-aged students learn valuable interpersonal and leadership skills as well as develop a sense of civic responsibility - providing participants the opportunity to learn the value of giving to the community, and working with team members to accomplish a greater good.

CIT Curriculum

The CIT curriculum will focus on training in youth development, communication, leadership, activity planning, safety, and relationship building.  CITs then put their skills into practice, getting involved directly with our teachers and campers, including lesson planning and spending the week learning alongside experienced educators while providing a meaningful community service.  As part of the program,  CITs will qualify for up to 40 community service hours as well as receive their CPR/First Aid Red Cross certification.

The CIT program for 2020 is now closed. Thank you!